Stop Making Sense and Start Making Success - Vol. 1

by Lasse Passage



Review NeuFutur:

Stop Making Sense and Start Making Success is an introspective and deftly-designed composition that provides listeners with a complete introduction to Lasse Passage; the dense arrangements will take a number of listens before they yield every secret that Lasse Passage has placed into the effort. The darkly emotive arrangements that are present on tracks like Tanker Om Morningen are simply unparalleled. Hints of early oughts Deep Elm emotive rock can be discerned here. The cohesion with which each track on Stop Making Sense and Start Making has been imbued establishes this mini-album as something substantially greater than the constituent cuts. The Lightness of Moving On allows the instrumental elements ample time to set a mood that will last throughout the entirety of the composition. Lasse Passage establishes a unitary sound to this track, while twists and turning things ever so slightly throughout the composition. This indie / instrumental-heavy composition could easily make it onto alternative radio. The two part Till The Morning Comes effort (the first of which features Johanne Birkeland) provides an emphatic end to one of the best introductions that we have had to a musician. This EP ends in a fulfilling way, but the specific context generated with these tracks will change after the subsequent releases (there will be four efforts in this vein in toto) drop down in stores.

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released January 23, 2014



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